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nanoSPLASH: peace of mind

see your family again

Because of COVID-19, we have all had to exercise more caution around family. You will be able to use nanoSPLASH and then hug your loved ones again without having to worry about getting them sick.

science you can trust

Using DNA-based nanotechnology, nanoSPLASH will recognize the genetic material of the virus. Since nanoSPLASH will use a unique sequence of DNA letters to detect the target virus, we anticipate that it will exhibit a high degree of accuracy. nanoSPLASH is being developed by a team of engineers from MIT and other leading institutions across the world

keep your kids safe

Because of the pandemic, it has been extremely difficult to take care of children. You don't know who they can safely spend time with. Using nanoSPLASH, you will be able to test babysitters and anyone else who might be around your children so that you can have peace of mind.

get back to normal

nanoSPLASH will help people live their lives without having to worry about getting sick