A decentralized Cloud computing service

Conduit is an MIT spinoff working to solve the computing advances we face as technology and AI evolve. We are looking to revolutionize the way companies obtain and utilize computing power by gathering the world’s extra computing resources to provide the most powerful cloud solution.

How does it work?

Our mission is based on the idea that everyone has a role to play in solving the world’s problems.

On average, a PC uses only 3/8ths of its computing capacity at any given time. The Conduit network encourages anyone in the world with a computer to supply surplus computing power to the platform. With this model, new and money saving opportunities are created for organizations who utilize compute within their service or products.

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We’re building Conduit to be:


Decentralized networks provide a serverless cloud computing solution, supplying power from anywhere and anytime.


Our service is pay-per-use, meaning you only pay for the computing power you need and only when you need it.


We provide the cheapest option on the market, so that your organization can get tasks done without bloated costs.

Who we serve


In the process of drug discovery, biopharma companies have more data to analyze than they can manage. Conduit’s decentralized solution provides 5x the amount of computing power to support universities and biotech firms in their R&D efforts.

Supply Chain

The retail and food supply industries are inundated with complex logistical problems everyday. Conduit supplies the power necessary to perform finite element analysis more quickly, leading to a more efficient delivery of everyday goods.


Everyday, the financial industry is overwhelmed with capital market data and stock price fluctuations. Conduit increases the efficiency and accuracy of calculations to increase the everyday investor’s portfolio and minimize risk.

Board of Advisors

Erik Martin


Carsten Stocker


Cristina Dolan


Stuart Prior


Yin Nawaday


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