I created Conduit because I want to change the world using technology. In the world we live in now, technology is often times used *against* people. Meaning, technology is often used to steal our data without us knowing or to help us figure out more efficient and removed ways to kill or hurt each other. For example, some of the first applications of modern computer science were in figuring out how to fire ballistic missiles at soldiers more efficiently. Our first serious application of nuclear physics was the Manhattan Project. Don't get me wrong, not all technology is like that; we have examples of technology that was consciously created to help us all around us. Jonas Salk with the polio vaccine, Jimmy Wales with Wikipedia, Gutenberg and the printing press, Edison and the telephone, Ford and the car...the list goes on.



Ultimately, technology is a manifestation of our own desires, fears, ambitions, and hopes as humans. I created Conduit to be a manifestation of our hope for a better world. In particular, we work to create a better world by creating a technology that brings people together. Our technology creates a network of computing power by paying everyone from universities to bitcoin miners to everyday people for their computing resources and then providing that to researchers and engineers who use it to innovate and empower people across the world. In America and the world, there is a gap between the educated elites and the rest of society. We bring those two sides together.